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We strive to maintain the highest standards for each event we host.  See what previous clients have said about their experience:

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Brianne 2019

“My experience as a bride was incomparable to others. Mary Beth gave myself, my husband and family personalized attention, constant communication, and showed such a genuine care for us. More than that, her expertise is far beyond any vendor that I’ve worked with or met. From decorations, to alcohol, to food, seating and house accommodations, she thought of and knew everything. Her recommended vendors were a pleasure and everything she described. The Red Rooster will forever be a special place in my heart thanks to  Mary Beth and her staff. If you’re looking for a unique, personalized experience, you’ve found it.”

Father of the Bride 2019

“As a father of the bride and the officiant of her wedding, it was a nerve wracking process. Mary Beth at the Red Rooster accommodated our every need, eliminated all of our fears, and executed a perfect weekend from the rehearsal dinner to morning after the wedding. Straight to the point, got things done, and made my daughter’s day more than expected.”

Kerri & Micheal 2017

I looked back at some of the reviews to see what you may have read that was negative and I have to say, my experience couldn't be farther from what those people wrote. Marybeth certainly has strong opinions about how things should be handled, how much of certain items will be needed, etc. but her opinions come from having done so many events; she knows exactly what she needs. I trusted her on all those details and everything went smoothly. She saved all the leftover food, cake and booze for us to take home and packaged everything up so it was easy to keep.

Our wedding was honestly a dream come true and I wish we could relive it every weekend. Our guests loved the food, laughed, danced and drank all night long. The venue was decorated beautifully, every small detail was accounted for and if anyone needed anything, Marybeth's team provided it.  Everyone stayed until the DJ packed up and lots of people stayed later than that!

We met MB in May 2016 and booked the venue for our August 2017 wedding - since the day we first met MB, she was really attentive and responsive to all our questions, needs, ideas, fears, whatever. She is great about emailing, which is the best way for me to communicate and she's a night owl so usually I would email her something during the day and she would respond to me late that same night. We also visited the property several times throughout the 18 months of planning and Marybeth spent a couple hours with us each time.

What I loved the best about our wedding is how much she took our preferences into consideration. The wedding was a combination of her enormous expertise in wedding/event planning and our preferences, desires, and personal touches. She accommodated every single thing we asked for and the wedding really felt like ours and not just some cookie cutter wedding that could take place any standard event space. In the areas where we didn't have preferences, we just trusted her to make decisions for us and we were not disappointed. I had a million ideas and was emailing her almost everyday for the 2-3 months leading up to the wedding - she listened to every idea, helped me figure out if it would work and then brought it to life. Our wedding had so many personal touches, and the barn itself is so beautiful - it was amazing.  We used the vintage china which was gorgeous and I had the bouquets and formal flowers done by a florist, but Marybeth cut wild flowers and made the table arrangements on her own. The place was full of fresh flowers and they were seriously beautiful. She has a whole garage full of decorations that you can choose from.  

She recommended our photographer (Aaron Almendral) and the caterer (Daniel Gendron) and both were amazing and worked well with Marybeth, her staff and the space (highly recommend them too!). The bus company she uses had professional drivers/shuttles (not school buses like one review said) and the hotels in town were great. There are a lot of options in Hudson. Also, all the vendors we worked with had nothing but good things to say about Marybeth, her space and her staff. I felt really good knowing that other professionals wanted to work with her over and over again and really respected her.

The team of folks that Marybeth has working for her are amazing. They are all hardworking and nice, polite, and most importantly got the job done. At the last minute my mom had the idea to organize a group lighting of paper lanterns. I was not really excited about it and figured it would be a pain in the butt, but Marybeth could see how excited my mom was about it and she and her team were happy to help make it happen, they organized and lit the lanterns with us and it turned out to be a really beautiful moment.

Having access to the farmhouse all weekend was a really great bonus and our wedding parties stayed with us for the whole weekend on site. We had a catered brunch on Sunday morning for our overnight guests and the caterer MB recommended was great and reasonably priced. We hung around until 3pm the day after the wedding and it was great to not feel like we had to rush out of the place.

We, our families, and our wedding parties were so grateful to Marybeth and her team for providing us such a beautiful and relaxing weekend that was beyond what we could have imagined. When my husband and I left on Sunday afternoon we were sad to say good bye to Marybeth, knowing that we wouldn't have a reason to talk with and see her anymore.

The photos should be done soon, and I am happy to send those along if they would help you to envision things - I saw another couples' pics and it really helped me to imagine what things could look like.  

When I told my husband I was sending you this email he wanted to chime in, so this next bit comes from him:

"I just wanted to touch on a few things that really made the wedding special to me.

The Venue: The property is awesome. At first, I had a hard time seeing how it would all come together, but MaryBeth made the property work because she knows it inside and out. From simple things like where we should walk out from, to shutting the barn door and making people wait for us to be introduced for the first time as husband and wife, it’s those little touches that make this place great.

The house: You have to stay in the house. It makes the weekend last longer, which is something that you are definitely going to want. Being on the property for a few days before you get married, and not having to rush out of there after the wedding is something you will be grateful for. Having my groomsmen and Kerri’s party there all day Friday and all day Saturday made the wedding that much more special.

Marybeth: She knows how to make it all come together. I didn’t think I would have any concerns about anything, and just thought I would show up and get married. However, I did run into some things that I felt were important to me, and she very calmly told me exactly how it was going to work, and that’s exactly what happened.

Kerri hit most of the other stuff right on, I just wanted to add a few things. Bottom line, book the venue, listen to Marybeth, stay in the house, and enjoy every minute of the whole thing, because it’s going to fly by."

Anyway, happy to answer any specific questions you might have, but as you can tell - we are big fans and hope you have a great wedding!

Kerri & Michael

Chris  November 2015

We needed a venue for a work project that required a venue that could host and house 40+ guests, and it needed to come together in less than 3 weeks. By some stroke of pure luck, we came across Marybeth (MB), who graciously agreed not to paint her venue in order to accommodate us. MB and her team put on a flawless, thoughtful and incredibly joyful 3 days for our guests. She'll tell you repeated to just trust her and that she knows what she's doing. And you know what? SHE DOES!

I can't stress enough how amazing our time was. Let MB do her thing and you can sit back, relax and trust that you'll have an incredible event on your hands. I wouldn't have had my event at any other venue with any other person running it. And I will definitely be keeping MB and her space in mind for future opportunities.

Matt & Ellen  January 2014

Marybeth helped us plan our wedding in 2009 and we have since come back for visits on our 1- and 5-year anniversaries—we couldn’t resist returning to reminisce about such a perfect day! Marybeth’s invaluable expertise allowed her to correctly predict the look and feel we hoped to create and, perhaps more importantly, enabled her to tell us what would and what wouldn’t work. Frankly, without her guidance, some of our concepts might’ve been disastrous and she helped us avoid such pitfalls. You may have a vision for your wedding but Marybeth’s experience is indispensable to actually achieving it.

Zach M.  October 2013

Thank you so much for meeting with me, Annie, and my mom during a busy wedding morning on Saturday. I know how swamped you were, but we all really appreciate the time you took with us in the middle of all the craziness.

I just want to tell you how much we love the venue. It has everything that we could possibly want: the barn is both quaint and beautiful, the grounds are lush without being overwrought, and it seems like we have the opportunity to hold the wedding here that we really want. Annie was over the moon about the farm in the car ride back!!

Actually what was most important to us was the knowledge and experience that you bring to planning wedding's at the farm. We have had so many people show us around venues that haven't given us the real deal about what it's like to work in them. We were excited about your commitment to the bride and groom, understanding of the space and its limitations, and your willingness to do backflips to make sure that the night goes perfectly--although we would hope that no backflips would be required for our wedding. That seems rare in such a business, so thank you.

Barbara F.  June 2013

Our daughter's wedding was held here on June 8th and we had a ball! Marybeth and her staff are wonderful and helped make the event the dream wedding our daughter had always dreamed of. I can't fathom how ABF got the bad reviews as we found the entire process  so well handled and so professional. Listen, Marybeth knows what she's talking about and will not steer you wrong. She is very passionate and maybe some folks see that differently but believe me. She will get the job done and the wedding will be just what you wished for. We had a real problem with the caterer (Blima's) the night of the wedding and Marybeth and her staff handled everything for us and not a single guest was aware of any problems. They pulled off a magic trick as far as I can tell. The barn is spotless and beautiful and the grounds are absolutely lovely. We arrived in a vintage pick-up truck and the wedding party took a hayride. It was just a hoot and a half and more fun then we imagined. Totally unique. And the staff! Must rave about the staff as well! They were delightful, professional and so accommodating to our guests and always looked out for the bride and groom and the families even making plates for us and making sure we were eating. Too sweet! I could write volumes of what fun we had and how happy we were with everything. My daughter and I already have a plan to return in the fall just to take Marybeth to lunch...we miss talking to her!


Courtney & Mischa - June 2008

"We searched for our a wedding venue for nearly 6 months in an attempt to find a place that reflected the beauty and bounty of the Hudson Valley and on our first visit to Apple Barn Farm, we knew we had found the right spot. Mary Beth and Kerri were incredibly responsive to all of our requests and concerns and made terrific suggestions throughout our year-long planning process and were available whenever needed to meet in person. They worked tirelessly to coordinate our vendors and make the barn and grounds look beautiful. The wedding day itself ran incredibly smoothly and each of the details we had planned were in place. We couldn't have been happier and will always reflect fondly on our good fortune in finding such a special place to share with our family and friends."

Julie & Jonathan - June 2008

"We searched through southern Vermont, The Berkshires, The Catskills, and The Hudson Valley from Albany to Putnam County for a wedding venue.  We wanted to find a beautiful barn, but - because many our guests were traveling to the venue from various places, most of which were far away - we needed a place that was also easily accessible by car, train, and plane.  We didn't want to spend all our money on a wedding venue, but we wanted a place that reflected our tastes and that would make the trip worthwhile for us and for our guests, a place that had charm but that was also in close proximity to a fun, hip town that offered stylish and affordable accommodations.  Basically, we wanted, as most people do, a wedding venue that was spectacular but practical.  Not easy.  We spent week after week logging tons of time online, searching message boards and Web sites, but we couldn't find what we wanted.  We drove one weekend after another, visiting as many as two or three venues a day in some cases, going from state to state, looking for a venue that would work.  But none did.  Not until we found Apple Barn Farm.  We signed a contract in fall, and, from that time until our wedding in June, Mary Beth and Kerri worked energetically, resourcefully, and thoroughly.  They gave us candid assessments of costs, limitations, and the basics, and they sincerely invested themselves in helping us create a successful wedding and reception, right through to the end.  When it was all over, we couldn't believe things went as smoothly as they did.  Our guests raved about the venue, and, during the event itself, Mary Beth and Kerri pulled off that rare balancing act between being supportive and efficient while somehow, at the same time, remaining almost unnoticeable.  Simply put, we had a magical night, our guests were glowing, and we still have money in our savings account!  Some people think back on their weddings and remember the blunders or regret the expenses.  We'll think back and remember the idyllic scenery, the romance, and the carefree fun."

Jeff & Renee - May 2008

"We wanted a unique location for our outdoor wedding ceremony and a carefree party for our reception. We searched online for hours trying to find the perfect combination in a wedding venue. When we found Apple Barn Farm's website, we had a feeling it was the place. On the day after Thanksgiving, Mary Beth gave us a tour of the barn and snowcovered grounds, and we immediately set the date for our Memorial Day weekend wedding. Mary Beth and Kerri worked tirelessly to help us plan our wedding in a relatively short amount of time (6 months) and also when we were living out of state. Apple Barn Farm allowed for much creativity in planning both the ceremony and reception, as evidenced by Renee and the bridal party arriving to the ceremony in a school bus! At both the ceremony and reception, the staff was exceptionally helpful and treated us and our guests with the utmost respect. Our guests still rave about our wedding. When we think about our day, we smile and laugh. If you're looking for a rustic country wedding, Apple Barn Farm has it all. Some of our favorite memories were the kids feeding the horses candy from the mason jars, and our guests making smores over the bonfire. And on top

of all that, the Farmhouse Rental is a charming location to have for the long weekend for out-of-town guests to gather both before and after the wedding."

Sarah & Ben - September 2008

"We are so grateful for our experience at ABF! The site conveys such simple natural beauty, and we were able to host the wedding we wanted - relaxed and welcoming. Saying vows under an expansive sky, while looking at beautiful trees and water - incredibly meaningful. And celebrating on the lawn, dancing in the barn, sitting by the campfire - so free and fun! We and our guests loved everything about the weekend - we rented the Route 66 Farmhouse for our RH dinner and an informal brunch on Sunday - and Kerri and Mary Beth worked tirelessly to make it all special and personal, with careful regard for our families' needs and our own inclinations."

Aaron & Rebecca - September 2007

"When we pulled into the driveway of the Apple Barn Farm, we knew we had found the perfect location for our fall wedding. We were immediately impressed with the grounds, which were immaculate with sweeping lawns and well maintained flowerbeds. We were equally impressed with MaryBeth and Kerri who attended to every detail to ensure our reception was absolutely flawless. From the hayride to the warm cider and donuts, to the bonfire and canning jar lanterns, the Apple Barn Farm is THE setting for a rustic, but elegant country wedding. We have fond memories of our special day and continue to get rave reviews from guests who comment on the unique location and gracious staff."

Lindsay & Dan Video